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Dentistry in the 21st Century - Our 3D Scanner Makes Treatment Easier And More Effective

Rock House Dental Practice are excited to announce the installation of our new cone beam scanner and OPG machine. Rock House is now one of just a handful of dental practices in the Southwest who have this technology.

Cone Beam CT 3D can showing implant placement at Rock House Dental Practice, Wells, Somerset
Cone Beam CT 3D can showing implant placement

Cone beam CTs allow the generation of a 3-dimensional image of the jaw and teeth. This is particularly useful in the placement of dental implants, the removal of wisdom teeth and in root treatments. 

We will be taking referrals from other dental practices for this service and we will be using it for our own patients to speed up treatment. 

Rebecca Davies, a consultant oral and maxillofacial radiologist will be available to report on all the cone beam CTs. 

The new OPG machine takes excellent 2 dimensional images of the teeth, sinuses, bone and joints and is designed to minimize radiation dose by only visualizing areas specifically under investigation. 

An OPG Radiograph mandible and maxilla Rock House Dental Practice, Wells, Somerset
Our OPG machine allows us to capture excellent images with minimal X radiation.



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